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I bet you think this blog is about you...

Our prayers have been answered here at fan-club as last week icon and fan-club muse  Carly Simon revealed an unrecorded verse to her 72's classic "You're so Vain".  In the new episode of the BBC’s Classic Albums series, Carly sings the verse for the first time with the music, words she originally wrote on a pad back in the 70's that never actually made the final cut. We think it's a hidden gem! A friend of yours revealed to me,That you loved me all the time Kept it secret from your wives, You believed it was no crime. You called me once to ask me things,I couldn’t quite divine                      ...

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Lets Do This!

It's 2017 baby!! Here at Fan-Club Clothing HQ we're super stoked for the beginning of a new year. Not only can we hit refresh on our life and think about what we want from it. We can say "see ya later " to all those bad habits and get ready to hit the play button on all of the things we wanna try, wanna see or wanna achieve... Lets Do This! Don't fear the reaper... live young be reckless and let your inner rebel shine this year. This grunge tee is perfect for being the biggest bad ass babe you wanna be! For just £25 you can own 2017 with this rock n rolling flocked black tee, making the rules...

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Sisters of the summer

There's always that summer that changes you...We take you on a nostalgic trip inspired by camp life confessions and runaway rebels. A time when toasting s'mores, making up secret hand shakes, lusting after your high school crush and running away on tour were a rite of passage. Experiencing undiscovered emotions and sealing strong bonds made up every teenage girls DNA.  Peace out  ✌

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