Find out how Andy Warhol the 60s artist inspired our latest collection.

Happy Birthday Andy Warhol! 

With what would have been his 91st Birthday we celebrate the original outsider, who took the way we think to a new level and changed popular culture and art forever. Andy Warhol was a driving force of the New York swinging sixties scene, his Factory was a hub for creative souls to unleash their true selves.

He celebrated differences, featuring trans models and exhibitionists in his art movies, Warhol also worked with anyone and everyone of that time, from musicians like Velvet Underground and Rolling Stones to capturing the beauty of Blondie's front woman- Debbie Harry to actress Elizabeth Taylor and many more.

He brought to life the "IT girl" concept and believed the idea of fame was fascinating.  Warhol had a list of superstars that went on to become muses for generations to come. He could spot trends before they even existed and had an eye for the weird and wonderful. He delved into taboo areas of sex drugs and art and commercialised the concept of modern consumerism.

'Our collection A rest stop for rare individuals was truly inspired by the simplicity of his mind and the eccentricity of his soul.'

Our Factory Girls slogan t-shirt plays homage to Warhols superstars and his experimental film concepts. The front features 1960s retro font whilst the back mimics the design of old posters and vintage band t-shirts. 


Shop this t-shirt and celebrate the history of Warhol's wonderful yet bizarre mind. Go retro and rock some blue eye shadow and bell bottoms for a modern take on a 1960s style. 



Our Ultra Violet 100% merino wool slogan Knit was inspired by the concept of Andy himself, seeing things no one can see it also was the name of one of his most famous superstars, actress and writer "Ultra Violet". The use of a retro colours makes this  fine knit jumper something cool and totally vintage inspired. 

Our Pretty baby t-shirt was inspired by the 70s punk front woman Debbie Harry (who was iconically photographed by Andy Warhol)... taking influence from Blondie's Lyrics Pretty Baby to encompass a retro inspired simplistic design. Styled with silver foil which was also a main feature of Andy's Factory (Go check out silver factory on Pinterest and you'll see what we mean)

Our Lust for Life slogan t-shirt plays homage to Iggy Pop another regular visitor of Warhol's factory, using his positive affirmation and the sex inspired rock n roll song "Lust for life" for the basis of this 70s psychedelic designed graphic t-shirt.

Our untold pleasures illustrated graphic t-shirt is inspired by Warhol's superstar and muse Nico, who joined forces with Lou Reed and Velvet Underground to produce one of the most iconic albums of the century and one of the most recognisable album covers (Which was designed by Andy Warhol himself) of all time.


He was a one of a kind soul with many talents and many flaws, his image (now iconic) was where he struggled, although confident with his visions his vulnerability and unique outlook on life and what it means is what truly made him one of the greatest artists of the 21st Century. In the words of Warhol himself...


They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Don't fall in line, create your own destiny and add a bit of Warhol to your spirit. 

Stay cool 


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  • Debra Zeller

    Fabulous t-shirts. I met Andy one time, in 1986, in front of Sotheby’s.

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