We caught up with Fan club member, Cosmopolitan NL's social editor and super sweetheart Gabrielle.... check out what this wanderlust retro surfer babe has to say...


Where did you grow up and were there any secret hiding places as a kid which inspired you?
When I was six, my parents moved from Amsterdam to a tiny village near the coast. I spent most of my summer days at the beach. I would just hop on my bike whenever I could and lots of my friends would just be hanging out at our favourite beach club Timboektoe. When I got older and bought my first car, I drove up there with my surf board in the back to catch some waves. Whenever I’m at Timboektoe again, I think of all the good times I’ve had.

Fan club clothing takes inspiration from past and present popular culture, who or what are your muse makers?
I love that! My past muse makers are icons like Brigitte Bardot, Jerry Hall and Farah Fawcett. Nowadays I love to look at the wanderlust-girls like Mimi Elashiry and Rocky Barnes.

Were you part of any clubs growing up, or did you want to be part of any?
I was a member of a scouting club when I was young! That might not sound very cool, but I spend my Saturdays in the woods, building camp fires and playing around. It definitely made me the outdoorsy type I’m nowadays.

Slogan tees have been about since way back, what is it that makes them so timeless to you?
They just have such a fun element to them!

Now you’re all grown up and working at cosmopolitan NL’s, that must be pretty exciting, do you have any gossip to share and what's is inspiring your wardrobe right now?
It definitely is! The magazine world is quite exciting. You probably wouldn’t expect this, but I’m not a very big fan of gossip. But I can tell you about my wardrobe inspiration! I love, love, love the seventies. Big sunglasses, bootleg jeans, retro shirts... I can’t get enough of it.

Our SS/16 collection sisters of the summer explores those adolescent memories all girls had, is there a time capsule moment which you wish you could re live again and again?
Probably the time where I would just hop on my bike and go to the beach. I didn’t have to worry about things I had to do or who would come with me: everybody was on the beach anyway. Those days were just so careless and fun.

You’re rockin our ‘we met by accident’ tee... have you ever had a meet cute moment? someone you met by accident but fate brought you together?
I definitely believe in fate and that nothings happens without a reason. So it might seem you meet someone by accident, but I believe fate brought you together. Funny: my boyfriend and I apparently met two years before we really met.

Fan club clothing is all about expressing your emotions and having fun with slogans, we wear our heart on our sleeves and our text on our tees, what would your life tag line be?
Probably: Educate yourself. Always keep using your own brain, do what feels good for you and don’t worry about what people think.


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