We caught up with the  Kansas born bohemian blogger and fan club member Alexis Kaiser.... Check out what this rad retro adventurer has to say :)

You're a true adventurer at heart, do you have any secrets to being a free bird with a free spirit and is their any places which have won your heart?
Honestly just be open to adventure and being spontaneous. So often we stop ourselves from doing adventurous things because of fear, or anxiety, or ‘making up’ things on our to-do list in our head. Let it all go and just GO. I am absolutely smitten with the red road of Moab and Lumberman’s Monument in Michigan is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen.
We dig your blog Alternative Indigo, it shows your love affair with fashion and style, how did this come about?
Thank you! My husband Adam was the one who told me I should start a fashion blog. I’ve always kind of had a unique style and I’ve never been scared to go out of my comfort zone, so it all came pretty naturally to me! Check it out here..

Fan club clothing takes inspiration from past and present popular culture, who or what are your muse makers?
Yesssss. Preach. Jimi Hendrix is a huge style icon and muse for me. He just got it. Also, the 70’s are so inspirational to me. Anytime I need some good fresh inspiration I look up the 70’s on Pinterest! I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be born in that era!

Fan club tries to take people back to a fun loving time, were you part of any clubs growing up, or did you want to be part of any?

I was a girl scout for quite a few years! It was some of the funnest times of my life, we went to camps, canoed, learned camping tips + tricks. I still remember those memories vividly and they were very fun and loving.

Slogan tees have been about since way back, what is it that makes them so timeless to you?

I don’t know what it is about Slogan tees but they’ve been my go-to since before I can remember. I think it might be the humor incorporated in most slogan tees that radiate good vibes and that’s what I’m going for!

You’re rockin our ‘Mac & Cheese’ tee... What’s your favourite junk food or guilty pleasures?

OMG. K well I legit love Mac & Cheese sooooo much. But my stomach doesn’t do too well with cheese :/ But my ultimate guilty pleasure is a fruit pizza. Sugar cookie crust, cream cheese frosting, lots of fruit + chocolate and caramel drizzle. MY FAV!

Fan club clothing is all about expressing your emotions and having fun with slogans, we wear our heart on our sleeves and our text on our tees, what would your life tag-line be?

My life tag line is.... Glamour Kills. Stay Weird. I 100% stand behind wearing your heart on your sleeve, expressing your emotions and making life fun. Life’s too short not to!


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