Happy Holidays Lovers

The holidays are here and we for one are feeling festive! Nothing says Christmas quite like the small of pine trees, open log fires, mulled wine, hot cocoa, plenty of food and Christmas Movie marathons. Here's some of our own tips to all the grinches out there to help bring back that festive feelin....

1. Invite your nearest and dearest round, buy a nice mulled wine, simmer on the stove and cosy up in one of our cosy sweatshirts by an open fire.


2. Indulge in plenty of Christmas feasts, cheese boards, Yule logs pigs in blankets the more food the merrier, we say a bit of holiday weight is healthy - If you want to go all out, find the time to make some home made and very delicious gingerbread men, time to get creative!


3. Whether you're a book worm or a film obsessive, get comfy and watch or read a winter classic. Some of our recommendations are Home Alone, The Santa Claus, The Grinch/ How the Grinch stole Christmas and A Christmas carol. 


4. Find a well reviewed hot chocolate recipe and go to town with it, add marshmallows cream, chocolate shavings and more... drink up and enjoy the chocolatey goodness.


5. Get your dusty box of Christmas decorations out of the loft and get festive; whether you have that classic Christmas Scandinavian style with knitted stockings or you're more of a traditional tinsel lover with 70s Christmas beads and bows; blast out the Christmas songs and put up those fairy lights, you will be feeling festive in no time.

We hope we've got you feelin festive....happy holidays y'all!!

Peace and Love

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