Hey sisters...we have your back!

Hey Fans, we are super excited to let you know after working our little butts off and building  relationships with our current suppliers and manufacturers we have managed to reduce the prices of our organic cotton tees and knitwear. When relaunching with our collection "A rest stop for rare individuals" we were really passionate about ensuring the quality of the product was made to last and we really focused on using natural fibres as we are aware of the impact of using synthetic materials in our current climate and also do not want to add to the current state of the fast fashion industry.
As a brand we support slow fashion and produce all our lines in small batch runs
(which in reality can often mean higher costs).
We didn't want to compromise our design or the quality but when we relaunched the pricing was something that we weren't 100% happy with. As a business you need to make a profit for the work you put into it but we are not money hungry sisters and we feel strongly about creating a fair product, this goes for every element when designing. Everyone who worked with or for us towards the run up of our relaunch, it was super important that they were credited and paid for their work. This can be tricky with smaller businesses as usually the smaller you are the less money or power you tend to have. Our suppliers and manufactures are like an extended Fanclub family now and they support the same values as us. We don't like the big sharks who rip off customers or the factories and suppliers. 
Like we said we banged our heads together and restructured our pricing, we have their back and we have yours.
All our organic tees are now £35.00
Our wool knit jumper £90.00
We discussed how to continue producing on good quality organic cotton, and using high quality wool whilst still making sure it's accessible for our fans. We are super excited to say we have got you covered and have now managed to reduce to price of our tees and knitwear without making any changes to the products themselves which is huge thing for us. This price reflects the design process and quality without making it unattainable to buy. As Fanclub is ran by two sisters, we are extremely passionate about the sisterhood movement and making sure we have your back, just as we would to each other.
So sisters, come and join the club, a community of sisters or fans who support slow fashion, sisterhood with hella nostalgic soul!
Peace out and stay cool!
Johanna and Felicity

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