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Our prayers have been answered here at fan-club as last week icon and fan-club muse  Carly Simon revealed an unrecorded verse to her 72's classic "You're so Vain".  In the new episode of the BBC’s Classic Albums series, Carly sings the verse for the first time with the music, words she originally wrote on a pad back in the 70's that never actually made the final cut. We think it's a hidden gem! A friend of yours revealed to me,That you loved me all the time Kept it secret from your wives, You believed it was no crime. You called me once to ask me things,I couldn’t quite divine                      ...

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Heartbreakers and Muse Makers A/W 16 collection

She walks into a room full of people and becomes the art, envious stares and heart breaking glares. Backstage with the band is where she shines, musicians make her the leading lady of their rock n roll songs.  She stands strong and has a need for no one, yet her alluring aura makes everyone crave her touch and lust after her love. She can steal your heart with one smile and you’re lost in her eyes forever...     Save

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