The times they are changing...The Fanclub update

The times they are changing...The Fanclub update

Ch ch changes.... turn and face the strange!

The Beatles reading and answering fan mail, 1964

A note to our fans. 

As we’ve hinted towards Fanclub has some big changes happening in 2019. We always wanted to create a brand that felt like a fanclub, celebrating those nostalgic souls from the past. Throughout 2018 we had lots of midnight talks about just what the essence of Fanclub is. We’ve discovered we’ve been holding ourselves back and now it’s time to unleash The Fanclub.

'It's Debbie, not Blondie!' – Rising Star a Natural in Front of the Camera in 1979 ~ vintage everyday

We are creating a launch collection to symbolise our rebirth, we are using manufacturers based in the UK  to bring good quality staples and home ware. We cant wait to take you on this process with us, if you’re obsessed with muses from the past, addicted to playing old records on repeat and love the thought of supporting independents this is gonna be the place to be. We are going to turn the heat up with a new logo, packaging and a website make over. We’re gonna strip back all the fuss and let you have your say, we want to share our worlds with you, and would love to collaborate with all our members. In this fast paced world we wanna take you back to the basics, stay connected through music and style, no more fast fashion, supporting the environment when and where we can and making this a fanclub you’ll all hopefully want to be a part of. 

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Throughout our relaunch we’re clearing through all the past stock to make way for new. It’s your last chance to purchase some of our early pieces, heavy discounts apply and nothing will be restocked, so don’t miss out on this steal.  Stay tuned and keep an eye on our IG for more sneak peaks of this re-brand. 

Dig yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself.

“Fanclub is a way of life, born out of the bedroom of two sisters.”

Uniting all  females with a rock n roll aura and nostalgic soul. We’re a British independent fashion and lifestyle brand, providing good quality indie inspired clothing and home-ware. In a world that moves too fast and perfection is an obsession, its easy to get caught up or lost, Fanclub is here to bring you back down to a retro inspired reality, where imperfections weren’t highlighted but neither were they flaws, they were just what made someone who they are. We believe in staying connected, through music and style, constantly seeking inspiration from icons of the past. We believe in Dressing for the feeling not the occasion,  style is more than endless pieces of clothing, it’s a self expression of who we are and what we stand for. Lets roam through life like a rolling stone and make it up together as we go along.


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