Album artworks can be as iconic as the album itself. Here at Fanclub we are still inspired by those classic covers; the typography, imagery, photography and colours. Some make us think, some make a statement and others are just totally random and eccentric concepts that never leave your memory. Here's our top 10 album covers of all time, the ones that forever hold a certain je ne sais quoi in our nostalgic souls.


10. Patti Smith Horses (1975)

Shot by Mapplethrope in 1975, Horses showcases a portrait of Patti Smith standing empowered, with a black ribbon and blazer draped over her shoulder. A classic portrayal of feminine meets masculine. The Friendship and love between Mapplethorpe and Smith is what truly shines through as he captures her unique expression of beauty and strength in one simple yet effective image. 


9. Blondie Parralle Lines (1978)

Blondies' Parralle Lines conjured up quite a storm between the artists and designer. However for us this cover is so iconic in its simplicity that it couldn't be missed from our list. The powerful colour palette of Black white and red alongside the strong stern pose of Debbie Harry makes for a unforgettable cover. 


8. Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' (1963) 

Dylan's Freewheelin album cover pictures himself and Suze Rotolo walking down west village, NY. The normality of this shot really engages the eye as you see the musical genius bundled up with his lover doing what we all do (just strolling the streets). It has a rawness and almost a mundaneness to it that allows us to relate to the artist and the cover. Not to mention the retro beige coat he's wearing which never fails to be forgotten. 


7. Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon (1978) 

Pink Floyd have had many incredible and inspiring covers over the time but Dark side of the moon has to have of taken the spotlight in popular culture, Designed by Thorgerson and Hipgnosis the cover features an abstract image of white lines, travelling through a prism leading to a strong rainbow of colours placed on an jet black cover. The mysterious, mathematical and almost psychedelic tendencies of this design is what truly hypnotises and opens your mind to the world and music of the legends. 


6. Fleetwood Mac Rumours (1977) 

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac is definitely their most celebrated and remembered cover and album. The cover reflects the album itself, a twisted tale of love, loss and emotion. Stevie Nicks floats around Fleetwood whose standing strong with one leg propped up, dangling between his legs are his famous lucky charms or for those of you that don't know (two balls). The imagery, typography and muted colours really help bring this cover to a stylishly spooky place. 


5. David Bowie Aladdin Sane (1973)

In at number 5 we have none other than Bowie's Aladdin Sane, his classic Ziggy Stardust persona and lightning bolt painted face takes us to another dimension, going on an out of space journey with him as he transports us through time with his music. Another unforgettable image. Not a lot has to be said about this more than wow! 

4. Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA (1984)

Not only a classic cover but one with that caused a lot of controversy so much that it was banned for a period of time in the states. Shot be the talented Annie Leibrowitz in 84 the artwork display Springsteens Butt facing the American Flag. American republicans believed the image had motive and showed the artist pissing over the flag. The Americana theme and upbeat music juxtaposed against the rawness and lyrical meanings of what it really means to live the American dream are what makes this controversial and wonderfully shot cover a true rebellious and iconic piece of popular culture, hands down the boss only answers to himself. 


3. Velvet Underground and Nico (1967)

Now we're down to our top three and what better way to start than a classic Warhol designed cover, the famous banana which you can peel, placed on a crisp white background. The randomness and novel aspect of this design is what captures the imagination and creativity of the album itself. An inspiring piece of artwork and an iconic part of popular culture. 


2. The Beatles Revolver (1966)

We couldn't have a top 10 album covers countdown without mentioning the four genius boys from Liverpool could we now? The Beatles have had a long list of inspiring and iconic covers but for us Revolver has always been a favourite. The blend of illustrative and photo based imagery, mixed with the use of black and white conceptual lines brings the element of  fantasy and reality together. Well done Klaus Voormann for the design, inspiring us for decades! 


1. The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers (1971

The wait is done and here's our all time favourite Album cover....of course who couldn't choose a cover with an actual working zip placed on an image of a large crotch with the genius Warhol behind the concept? Sticky fingers was an eye opener, it heralded an age of really imaginative and provocative packaging. Jagger was adamant on Warhols idea and went against packaging advice, broke the rules and found a way to launch the unforgettable and groundbreaking cover. But who's pictured in the tighty whities beneath the zipper? It still remains a mystery! 



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