Which of your stars align?

The Fanclub zodiac guide

"in you a star was born" 

From the competitiveness of Aries and the perfectionisms of Virgos to the imaginations of Pisces and the liveliness of Leo, all signs have their own quirks...take a look to see which art print best reflects your star sign. 


1. Aries 

Life on mars David Bowie inspired art print 

The first sign and the baby of the zodiac....Ruled by Mars, an Aries competitive nature, passionate heart and eager spirit are part of their charm, going 100 mph with fire in the belly, they truly are unstoppable forces of nature. Headstrong practical and brave, an Aries has no limits. 



2. Taurus

This must be the place art print


Indulge yourself, the true nature of Taureans is all about pleasure, they love to love they love to have and they love to be. They are earthly beings who like to feel settled in their surroundings and won't let anyone stop them, don't let their laid back nature fool you.... the sheer drive and stubborn qualities of Taurus means they often CAN have it all, a happy home happy mind happy soul. 


3. Gemini 

Sound & Vision Bowie inspired art print

Double trouble, the two sides of gemini have always made them fascinating, The best communicators, they want to hear, see and know everything, they love nothing more than to natter the night away, it's no surprise they're the most curious sign out there. Like Bowie they have different personas and although the social butterflies are often onto the next party, they also love to slow down, reflect and visualise.....managing to manifest their own futures. 


4. Cancer 


The Dark side of the moon art print 

Ruled by the moon, and filled with empathy and emotion. Cancerians are your ride or die partner, they will love you to the moon and back and expect the same in return. Deep thinkers and big listeners are part of what makes this emotional sign so powerful to be around. Just like Pink Floyd's music Cancerians have so many layers and the more you're around them, the more they reveal, and just when you think you've got to their core....they might just surprise you with another.


5. Leo 


Express yourself art print


Need we say more....? Leos love to lead, they love to take centre stage and their wild and loving nature makes them worthy of it. Ruled by the sun, the lively and wild qualities Leo's posses, mean there's never a dull moment with them around, they'll take charge and just like the lion have courage to act just as they are.


6. Virgo

Gold dust woman art print 

A Virgos exterior is exactly what they want you to see but underneath it has been carefully calculated and planned out like you wouldn't believe. Their eye for detail makes them creative souls and their obsession to help others is what makes them have a caring empathic heart. A Virgos mind is the most analytical out of the whole zodiac, meaning they've thought of a solution before the problem even occurs. 


7. Libra

The chain Fleetwood Mac inspired art print


Nothing but balance, A Libras true calling is to find peace everywhere they go, their diplomatic minds calls for fairness and balance in the world. Moulding themselves to any given situation, they are the master shape shifters of the zodiac. Their hate for chaos and disorder and their need for justice and calm is reflected in their sensitive balanced souls.


8. Scorpio


Spellbound art print 


The mystics of the zodiac, scorpios fiery spirit and sensual soul with leave you hypnotised. Their hearts are often guarded with secrets that you want to unlock. Drawn to the dark and dangerous, their independent and strong nature will keep you spell bound. 


9. Sagittarius 


Libre comme un oiseau (Free as a bird) art print 

The wanderers of the zodiac, Sagittarius souls can't be restricted, with rebellious hearts they often like to make their own rules as they go along. Their vibrant playful energy, passionate and enthusiastic minds and free spirits truly are infectious.You can't keep them caged, they will not rest until they break free and fly to their own rhythm. 


10. Capricorn  

My aim is true art print

Capricorns have untouchable focus, the determination and drive is like no other. The grafters of the zodiac. Reliable and hardworking comes naturally, they don't need to be in a room full of people to feel the energy, their drive comes from their own inner ambition. 


11. Aquarius 


The bright side of the road art print  

The heroes of the zodiac, Aquarius souls are most happy when trying to save the world, their natural positive and upfront nature makes them practical and optimistic. Some call them the clever clogs of the pack, constantly looking to the future, their bright intellectual minds mixed with their imaginative innovation are a true force to be reckoned with. 


11. Pisces 

Imagine John Lennon inspired art print


Pisces, The last but by no means least of the zodiac. A magical sign full of worldly wisdom. Their heart full of empathy, their heads full of creativity and the soul full of wonder. They will listen to your every problem with no judgement, they feel all the feels. The true daydreamers of the pack.







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