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Wild women do...

Remember there's no right or wrong way to be a woman & you certainly don't need a vagina to celebrate! We owe it to the next generation of girls to fight. Power to the people...   Here's to strong Women. May we know them.May we be them. May we raise them. DON'T FORGET...  we believe in equal rights, for everyone and anyone, Change needs to happen...10% OF EVERY CHANGE SWEATSHIRT PURCHASED WILL BE DONATED TO THE FAWCETT CHARITY, SUPPORTING AND CAMPAIGNING FOR GENDER EQUALITY. For all the rallies and marches, for the songs and the self love and for the stomping and the strong spirit...We stand united as one! Keep the peace ✌️ Save

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Made of stars...

From Vincent van gogh's  starry night, to the rise of the star man David Bowie, stars have always held a certain mystery and magic, weather you made out under the stars with your high school lover, or dreamed of being a rock star in your own rock n roll band they continue to inspire......   Keep dreaming... Save

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Lovers day...

💕💕 Fan-club is celebrating lovers day by spreading the love of our muse makers...Scroll through to see whose made the fan-club muse makers list 💕💕   Jane Birkin Debbie Harry Bridget Bardot Patti Smith Kate Moss Edie Sedgwick Anna Karina Francoise Hardy Nico Bianca Jagger Jackie O Alabama Worley Penny Lane Jessica Rabbit   Whose your muse?? Keep spreading the love, lovers 💕💕

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Totally addicted to love 💕

Lust, Love, Like or Loathe .... this month it's time to feel those mixed emotions, to heal those broken hearts and to stare in the face of love and ask yourself who you want standing next to you.... a friend, a lover or yourself. It's time to celebrate Love and all that comes with it. 'Baby be careful how you play your cards.. When you have A queen in your hands'      

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Take our love test to see what kinda lover you are.... HOPELESS ROMANTIC- Dress for love INDEPENDENT WOMAN- Dress for girl power FEMME FATALE- Dress for teasing  

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