8 timeless pieces inspired by past muses. 

'She sees the world through rose tinted glasses.... all the shadows become lost, her love for the world hypnotises those around her, caught in her aura. Her feminine touch gently ripples through all she does, her seductive smile creates magic and in a world that seems dark she brings the light.'


Meet The Naomi Camisole. She's fiercely seductive 


Meet The Jagger pant. For those with a rock n roll soul


Meet The Baby Jane top. She's a hopeless romantic


Meet The Hardy top. A rebellion heart with a cool classic exterior


Meet The Kate camisole. She's like gold dust, a foxy feminine. 


Meet The Penelope dress . She's a teaser and a pleaser, a sweetheart in disguise


Meet The Jimi Pant. For the free fallers with a hippie heart


Meet The Farrah top. She's has the Californian cool