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Fanclub Ashes to Ashes 1950s Tobacco Lounge Candle 30cl

Fanclub Ashes to Ashes 1950s Tobacco Lounge Candle 30cl

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Fall back to the Fifties and sink into the nostalgic scent of our Ashes to Ashes candle.

“Inspired by a 1950s tobacco lounge. A heavy masculine musk fills the room as a layer of smoked tobacco and Cuban cigars is left hanging in the air, burnt crackling embers from the open fire glaze over the dimly lit room as suede suited men sink into worn leather arm chairs swirling their single malt around and around”

This amber glass candle is for those days you want to sink into your sofa and completely switch off. Time to tune into a classic black and white movie, slip into your cosy cashmere sweater, pour something deep and light this candle to unleash the hypnotic deep smokey scent of Tuscan Leather, Oak and timeless Tobacco.


Top notes of leather, tonka, tobacco , moss

Middle notes of frankincense and jasmine 

Base notes of  amber, sandalwood, blackberry


Eco friendly 

Each Ashes to Ashes candle is hand poured with 100% soy wax in a reusable amber glass jar (Just wash with warm soapy water) and is free from palm oil. Packed in eco friendly sustainable packaging. 

How to use

For optimal burning, trim wicks to a ¼” before each light to avoid smoking and overheating. Once the flame is extinguished make sure the wick is upright and centred. The first burn should be long enough for the entire top layer of wax to liquify - we recommend 3 hours which will ensure an even burn each time you light it. Do not burn the candle for longer than 4 hours at a time, and never burn when there is less than ¼” of wax at the base. Always ensure you protect the surface on which the candle sits. 

Approx. 40 hrs burn time.


100% soy wax with braided cotton wick, in reusable amber glass tumbler.

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